Crawfordsville & Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
North Montgomery School Corporation
The North Montgomery School Corporation includes one high school, one middle school and three elementary schools.

Grades nine through 12 attend North Montgomery High School, which has an enrollment of 580. Fully renovated in 2003, this school also boasts new and updated athletic facilities and a field house. The academic school year is divided into three trimesters, each 12 weeks long with 70-minute class periods. Voted a “Best Buy School” by the Indiana Chamber, this school also provides technology and distance-learning facilities. Honors and AP classes are available, along with academic team competitions, leadership seminars, and National Merit Scholars and Commendations. There’s an advisory program, and vocational and technical courses are available.

Northridge Middle School

houses grades six through eight, with an enrollment at 360. A trimester schedule with classes at 65 minutes each is the format. The school’s improvement and achievement plan focuses on improving all students’ math and language arts skills. A sustained Silent Reading program requires 90 minutes per week spent specifically on reading. The school supports grade-level learning community teams, reading and math labs for remediation, and accelerated math and language arts classes. There are also academic competitions, merit awards and an eighth-grade honor code. The athletic program includes cross country, soccer, volleyball, tennis, football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, track, golf and cheerleading.

Lester B. Sommer Elementary,

enrollment is 285, with a K–3 student-to-teacher ratio of 1-to-18, and a 4–5 student-to-teacher ratio of 1-to-25. The school’s rural locale allows for plenty of outdoor exercise. The school’s mission statement states that a caring atmosphere will be provided in which all students can learn. The school improvement focus is on reading, writing skills, math skills and application.

Pleasant Hill Elementary

has an enrollment of 280 for grades kindergarten through five and is also located in a rural setting. The school’s focus is on preparing students to be responsible citizens; developing healthy minds, bodies and attitudes; and educating, enriching and empowering each child. Securing a safe and caring school environment is also stressed. Academic improvement focuses on reading/language arts, writing skills, and math application and problem solving.

Sugar Creek Elementary School

includes grades kindergarten through five and has an enrollment of 365. The student-to-teacher ratio for grades K–3 is 1-to-19, and that for 4–5 is 1-to-23. The school’s mission statement requires caring staff, parents and community to guide students in becoming responsible lifelong learners who achieve personal worth and meet high expectations. Areas of improvement focus on reading skills, writing, and math concepts and application.