Crawfordsville & Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
Crawfordsville and Montgomery County are fortunate to have an excellent education system at all levels. Three public school corporations make up the K - 12 grade system. All three have been recognized with many, many awards and citations recognizing their accomplishments in the education field.

Religions and home school are also available within the community.

The campus of Wabash College is located in Crawfordsville. It is a distinguished 4-year, 800 students, liberal arts college and only 1 of 2 male colleges in the United States. The students and faculty add to the small town college atmosphere that blends so well with what Crawfordsville is all about.

The newest addition to our community is Ivy Tech Community College. Starting small several years ago, Ivy Tech has developed into a major educational force in the community and is continuing to expand its presence in areas that will improve our workforce far into the future.